7 elements of Prophetic Sight (2)

7 Elements of Prophetic Sight

‘‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’’ Jeremiah 33:3

God is timeless and already knows the end of everything. Out of His love for us, He is very interested in believers having access to critical information for the future as this is a critical success factor that helps us traverse the journey of life. To achieve this, He opens the door of the future to us and gives us the opportunity to see what is to come. This essentially is what prophetic vision is about – seeing God’s plan in advance of its execution and also receiving understanding of the enemy’s activities before they are implemented so we are one step ahead.

This series we are looking at 7 critical elements of prophetic sight and how we can deploy them in these uncertain times. As with all spiritual things we require discernment, and we pray the Holy Spirit will give us understanding so we gain the full benefits of this gift God has made available to us. Click Here to download the series.

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