A Review of Paul’s Prayers

Apostle Paul was a man of prayer, the author of almost half of the New Testament and a missionary, taking the Gospel of Christ to far reaching parts of the world during his lifetime.

What did he pray for and how did he pray in order to achieve these great feats? Especially as he was the only apostle who didn’t meet and walk with Jesus during His earthly ministry.

This series we will study his prayer life, focusing on key prayers identified in the Bible, also known as the ’Pauline Prayers’. These prayers have the power to transform your walk with God and your life, if you are dedicated to praying them regularly and in sincerity.

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Getting the Attention of Jesus

Jesus had a very hectic schedule, constantly dealing with the throngs of people that bombarded him daily looking for one thing or another. Yet, the Bible notes that there were those who managed to get the attention of Jesus despite the pressure of the crowds. There were also some key requirements He laid down for His disciples to follow.

This series we will be looking at a few of these ‘attention getters’, studying what we can learn from them and practical steps we can take to apply this to our lives.

I pray this study blesses you, positively impacts every aspect of your life and stirs up a hunger for God in you.

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Psalm 23 Deep Dive

This series we’re looking at a very popular scripture written by David – Psalm 23 which is often quoted either in its entirety or in parts. The psalm captures the beauty of our relationship with God and the fact that we have a part to play and so does God. Psalm 23 reveals God’s heart for His children in how He wants to take care of and provide the very best for us, how we should relate to Him and how He expects us to relate with others through what He’s given us.

We’re taking a deep dive as we look at the psalm verse by verse to unlock some of the treasures in the word – there’s so much more than this study has captured. We encourage you to go through the psalm deeply yourself, asking the Holy Spirit to guide you and reveal His truth to you through what He shows you.

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The Audacity of Paul – A journey of Power & Consecration

In looking at the life of Paul we see a man who went from being a zealous persecutor of Christ’s followers to a passionate apostle, ready and willing to do whatever was required to spread the gospel of Christ. He was also responsible for writing the majority of the New Testament – either by himself or through those he trained.

How did he do it? What sustained his strength and courage in the middle of all the opposition? How do we apply these in our lives.

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Men of Courage

This series we’re looking at the lives of two men who took bold steps for God and changed the lives of the Israelites, in spite of the fear they felt – Joshua and Gideon.

Both realised that in their own strength they were ill-equipped to fulfill the assignment God gave them and so relied heavily on God to succeed. Yes, mistakes were made and they had to be encouraged over and over not to be afraid even as they moved forward. Very normal people like you and I, so we have a lot to learn from them.

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Jesus & the Multitude

This series we’re looking at how Jesus dealt with the multitudes – the throngs of people that bombarded him daily looking for one thing or another.

We all face different types of pressures daily, yet Jesus in spite of the magnitude of what he had to deal with was never hurried or stressed out. How did he cope with the pressures? What was his attitude towards the crowds and their demands? How do we learn from him in dealing with the different multitudes of pressures and challenges in our own lives?

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