Daniel (11)

Daniel: A Man of Influence

‘…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.’ Daniel 11:32

Daniel’s life was quite interesting for several reasons. He arrived in Babylon as a young slave boy and yet rose to the highest levels of leadership in the city. Daniel was a highly sought-after government official who never preached a single message, yet each king he worked with acknowledged the sovereignty of God because of their encounters with him.

Daniel had a full-time demanding career and excelled in the marketplace, yet he still had a thriving relationship with God. He faced life threatening persecution and yet stood steadfast in his walk with God.

There are definitely many lessons for us to learn from him as Daniel lived a life that influenced the destinies of men and of nations, both within his lifetime and beyond.

This 20-day study looks at the Book of Daniel from the perspective of the strategies he employed to excel both in his long spanning career and spiritual journey and how to apply those strategies to have a life of lasting impact.

Our prayer is that this study blesses you and positively impacts every aspect of your life. Click HERE to download the study.

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