Gaining Access to All God has for You

Access as defined by the dictionary is the means or opportunity to approach or enter a place. This means that the implication of not having access to a desired location is that we will not be able to avail ourselves of all that location offers, even if we can see it and have a legal right to whatever the place offers.

A location can be entered through several means, some of which include doors, gates and keys which all give us a level of access, but in different ways. For instance, a person may have the key to a building, but if the gate to that building is bolted shut, that person still will not be able to gain access to the building.

As we go through the Bible we see several references to ways in which we can gain access to desired places. This series we are looking at the tools of access, understanding how they function and how we can use them so we can have the full experience of all God has for us. May the Holy Spirit grant us wisdom and understanding of the tools He has made available to us. Click here to download the study.