Lessons From the Life of Joseph

‘And the patriarchs, becoming envious, sold Joseph into Egypt. But God was with him…’ Acts 7:9

Oftentimes when we think of Joseph, what comes to mind is the multi-coloured coat his father Jacob gave him, and the envy Joseph’s brothers had for him because of the dreams he had. Yet there is a lot more to his character and the intricacies of his life journey and walk with God which we can apply to our lives today.

In spite of the various challenges Joseph faced the Lord was with him, guiding and developing him throughout. Yes, Joseph’s character was tested from when he had the dreams to when he became a leader in Egypt, but God used those challenges to build Joseph into a man that could be trusted with the destiny of nations.

For many of us who have a desire for God to use us, let’s look at Joseph’s life and some of the principles we can apply as we see how God used circumstances to shape him into a leader that would have not just local but international relevance and impact. Click here to download the study.

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