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Pray without Ceasing

‘Never stop praying.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Three simple yet profound and challenging words that can dramatically alter our lives. Simple in that praying shouldn’t be a problem for a believer right? Profound because we’re never really fully aware of all the things can accomplish in our lives and the lives of others through prayer. Challenging because a simple as it appears, consistent prayer is one of the things believers struggle with the most as it’s one of the primary areas the enemy never ceases to attack.

How do we know if we’re praying correctly and in line with God’s plan? We know that God watches over His word to perform it, so one of the best prayer strategies will be to bring His word back to Him in the specific areas we want to see results in.

This series we looked at praying the scripture for every area that concerns us – our personal lives, families, ministries assignments, careers/businesses – the Bible has it covered. Click HERE to download the series.

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