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Securing Our Boundaries

‘A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.’ Proverbs 25:28

In biblical times cities had boundaries such as walls and gates which protected the cities from enemy penetration and kept its residents safe. These boundaries typically had men stationed around them, especially at the city gates as they monitored who came into and left the city and restricted or permitted access accordingly. In those days a city without vigilant men manning the boundaries and ensuring the walls and gates were secure would have been quite porous and open to easy attack by those seeking to take undue advantage.

It’s therefore interesting that in Proverbs a person without self-control is likened to a city with broken down walls.

In applying this to our lives, how do we ensure we are effectively manning our boundaries? What strategies can we employ to secure all aspects of our lives so we don’t leave any areas open to attacks and manipulations? As we go through this series, we pray the Holy Spirit will equip us with the skills and strategies required to take charge of our boundaries so we walk in constant victory. Click Here to download the study.

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