Key Prayers for Starting A New Season

Starting A New Season

‘To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven:’ Ecclesiastes 3:1

God deals with us in seasons, and He has allocated seasons to the various assignments we will have throughout our life’s journey. Different seasons open us up to new levels in various areas of our lives, with one season feeding into another. This means that when a new season comes up, it automatically means an old season is about to end.

There are four critical things we need to note about new seasons. One is that God doesn’t follow a January to December calendar, so we need to be spiritually sensitive to when a new season is about to start. Two is that the enemy always knows when we should be stepping into a new season even if we don’t, and he will use that knowledge to hinder us if we don’t discern him at work. Three is that every new season has specific requirements for us to successfully complete it and transit to a new season. Four is that God makes specific enablement available to us to maximize the season, but we must identify this enablement in order to take full advantage and complete the season successfully.

This series we are looking at the how to start a new season, partnering with the Holy Spirit in the place of prayer. Our prayer is that as we engage with this series, the Holy Spirit will open our eyes to the seasons of our life and guide us along the best pathway. Click Here to download the study.

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