When God’s Answer is Wait

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalms 27:14

When God answers prayer it’s either yes, no or not right now and “not right now” means we will have to wait. Have you ever had to wait for something whether it’s a job, a promotion, child, marriage, or something else that was really important to you? If you have then you’ll know that the major challenge with waiting is not knowing when the wait will end. Discouragement and sometimes offence can set in if we don’t know the reason for the wait, especially if we see others getting what we’re waiting on God for. Because God is very intentional about us and wants nothing but the best for us, that gives us an assurance that there must be a very tangible reason He’s having us wait.

This series we are looking at the lives of people in the Bible who have had to wait for different things over varying stretches of time. Why did God have them wait? What was their waiting posture? What questions did they ask God and what did they do while waiting? We trust God that as we learn from their examples, we can identify our situations in their lives and how best to respond to and maximize our waiting seasons.
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